Your Care Team

The Members of Your Care Team


At University Medical Center, you are likely to have a team of doctors involved in your care. Your attending physician will be in charge, issue all orders for your treatment, determine necessary tests to diagnose your condition, prescribe all medications, and determine your readiness for discharge.

Consultations may be requested from a group of physicians in a particular specialty. Resident physicians and medical students may also provide you care under the supervision of the attending physician. The attention of this well-rounded team enhances your care, and you as a patient contribute to the education of future physicians.


Your nursing team may include registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, case managers, and nursing assistants, among others. Registered nurses work with physicians to develop a plan of care for a patient. Our teams of nurses provide physical care, health education, and emotional support.

If you have concerns related to your care or treatment, please inform your nurse as soon as possible or ask to speak to the department manager.

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