Cardiology and Stroke Center

Leaders in Cardiac Care

UMC Cardiology provides patients with access to a trusted team of highly experienced physicians, nurses and other medical professionals who share a steadfast commitment to promoting successful outcomes and improved quality of life. Offering a wide range of services, UMC Cardiology  utilizes advanced technology supported by highly refined, evidence-based processes to quickly diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients.

Located on the third floor of the hospital’s main tower, the Cardiology & Stroke Center offers private rooms equipped with the latest technology and monitoring equipment to ensure patients receive the high-quality care they deserve.

UMC Cardiology Offers:

  • Three dedicated cardiac catheterization suites, allowing highly skilled physicians to perform lifesaving procedures using the latest, cutting-edge technology.
  • Advanced forms of treatment, including complex percutaneous coronary intervention, a minimally invasive procedure used to treat narrowed or obstructed coronary arteries.
  • A commitment to improved safety through the radial approach to cardiac catheterization, which is used in a majority of procedures to reduce the risk of major bleeding
  • A 12-bed Cardiovascular Care Unit (CVCU) equipped with the latest technology to provide post-operative care to open-heart surgery patients
  • A high-tech, 12-bed Coronary Care Unit (CCU) to manage the care of critically ill cardiac patients
  • A comprehensive range of advanced diagnostic tools, including electrocardiogram (EKG), echocardiogram (echo), cardiac stress testing, implantable loop recorders and Holter monitors
  • A dedicated Heart Failure Clinic staffed by a board-certified cardiologist and a nurse practitioner who help patients manage medications and symptoms to promote improved quality of life
  • A Cardiac Rehabilitation Program offering personalized treatment plans focused on physical activity, nutrition, stress management and other key areas
  • An Open-Heart Surgery Program supported by highly specialized surgeons and the latest breakthroughs in clinical technology
  • Nevada’s ONLY cardiology fellowship program supporting the availability of quality care for generations to come

Resources and Information

Working in collaboration with the Healthy Living Institute at UMC, the UMC Cardiology  remains committed to providing valuable information and complimentary classes to help community members reduce their risk of heart disease. In addition to offering a wide range of exercise and nutrition classes, the Healthy Living Institute at UMC also provides life-saving CPR training at no cost for participants. Click here to view the full calendar of upcoming events offered by the Healthy Living Institute.

UMC also encourages community members to review the helpful resources below from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association to learn more about heart disease, including valuable information about the early signs of a heart attack, how to respond to emergencies and a risk assessment tool. 

Community Health Assessment

Learn more about the impact of heart disease in our community by reviewing the latest Community Health Assessment Report from the Southern Nevada Health District.

UMC Stroke Program

Our team is committed to improving outcomes and care for all stroke patients in Southern Nevada through the use of evidence-based practice, multidisciplinary cooperation, community education and an unwavering dedication to quality improvement. 

In support of our commitment to stroke patients, UMC has achieved accreditation as an Advanced Primary Stroke Center. 

Timely Intervention

The UMC Stroke Program achieves and maintains rapid response times to support the best possible medical outcomes for our patients. This includes our commitment to providing a door-to-CT start time of 25 minutes or less for all stroke patients in the Emergency Department, in addition to many other key benchmarks. During stroke emergencies, our expertly trained team members must respond immediately to preserve brain cells. 

You deserve timely interventions, and our world-class team always stands ready to deliver highly specialized care for our community. 

Unique Capabilities

Thombolytic therapy:This therapy is achieved with IV medication that has strong clot-busting properties. This treatment is very effective in dissolving blood clots quickly that are blocking blood vessels and causing strokes. This medication has been shown to decrease short-term and long-term disabilities resulting from strokes. However, barring exclusions for bleeding risks, patients are only eligible for this treatment within 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours of the onset of stroke symptoms.  Therefore, it is of the greatest importance for patients to seek treatment with the first signs of a stroke and to call 911.

Endovascular Mechanical Reperfusion Therapy: Successful endovascular mechanical reperfusion therapy is known to lessen disability, and in some cases, it serves as a life-saving form of treatment. Mechanical revascularization involves a minimally invasive surgical procedure using a microcatheter and other thrombectomy devices to trap and remove the blood clot that is causing a stroke. This therapy is typically employed when there is a blood clot in a large vessel.  

Stroke Program Resources

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