Heart Center

Excellence in Heart Care

The heart is the center of life, and UMC’s Heart Center is at the core of the hospital.

Rapidly advancing treatments and technologies challenge hospitals to stay on the cutting edge of cardiac care. UMC has embraced that challenge through the development of its Heart Center.

Located on the third floor of the hospital’s main tower, The Heart Center offers private rooms and is equipped with the latest technology and monitoring equipment to ensure patients have the highest quality of care possible.

Components of UMC’s heart program include:

  • Open-heart surgery program

  • Chest Pain Center
    Chest pain patients are immediately examined to determine if there is a non-cardiac cause for their pain. If not, they are quickly sent to the Chest Pain Center, where our specially-trained staff takes over. With constant monitoring and care, most patients are diagnosed within nine (9) hours.

  • Cardiac Catheterization Suites
    This is where all invasive procedures are performed using high-tech equipment to help diagnose and treat coronary artery disease.

  • Coronary Care Unit(CCU)
    A 12-bed,high-tech unit, which takes care of patients who have had, or are having a heart attack requiring the use of medicines to dissolve the clot in the coronary artery. The highly-skilled, all-registered nursing staff are trained in Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) resuscitation.

  • Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVCU)
    This 12-bed unit is equipped with the latest technology in the care of the immediate post-operative, open-heart patient. Here the patient will be cared for by an all-registered nursing staff, trained in performing advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) measures. Patients are cared for by one nurse for the first six (6) hours after surgery. Patients are closely monitored for any complications.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
    UMC's program is unique because of the early intervention with the patient and family by using a care map,standing orders from your physician, and follow-up care in our outpatient program for a period of three(3) months after discharge. The outpatient program is located within UMC, which allows for a backup support in cases of emergencies.

  • EKG Department
    The electrocardiography department supports and continuously work on improving and evaluating the services we provide.

  • A dedicated team of nurses and physicians–all committed to mending broken hearts

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