Volunteer Program Policies

The Volunteer Code of Conduct

Conduct with Patients:

  • Volunteers have the responsibility to treat all patients with respect and dignity.
  • Volunteers must avoid physical contact with patients unless assigned to specific areas of the hospital and with permission from staff.
  • Volunteers may participate with patients only as assigned by staff. They may not see patients outside of the hospital or after discharge. Volunteers cannot give their telephone numbers, addresses or other contact information to patients.
  • Volunteers cannot drive patients in their cars, nor leave the grounds with a patient.
  • Volunteers may accompany staff and patients on outings, with approval from the UMC Volunteer Services coordinator.
  • Volunteers have the responsibility to use discretion in disclosing information about themselves to patients.
  • Volunteers cannot accept gifts from patients.


  • Volunteers have the responsibility to protect each patient’s right to privacy. Therefore, information of a medical and psychiatric nature, as well as identifying data, such as name, address and telephone number, are strictly confidential, and may not be shared with any person or agency other than authorized UMC personnel.

Administrative Policies:

  • Volunteers have the responsibility to support the staff and the policies and procedures of UMC.
  • Volunteers are expected to come regularly and promptly for the times they have agreed to work. On arrival, the volunteer should check in with staff to receive pertinent information and instructions.
  • Volunteers have the responsibility to be groomed and dressed appropriately as outlined in the UMC dress code policy.
  • Volunteers have the responsibility to know the UMC emergency procedures for their own safety as well as the safety of patients. This is accomplished through annual mandatory education.
  • Volunteers have the responsibility to learn and abide by the policies and procedures regarding hazardous materials and infection control.

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