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The Most Important Person on the Healthcare Team is You!

We want all of our patients to receive safe, quality health care. There is no better way to assure that you receive the best care possible than to be a part of the team.

How You and Your Loved Ones Can Partner with Your Healthcare Team

  • Take responsibility to know your medical history: keep a list handy that includes past medical conditions, surgeries, medications, and allergies as well as the contact information of your pharmacy and primary physician.
  • Ask questions: you & your loved ones have the right to know. If you’re uncertain regarding any aspect of your care, question the healthcare provider.
  •  Help us help you stay safe:
    • Check the information on your hospital identification band. Be sure your name is spelled correctly and your birth date is correct.
    • Ask your nurse what medication she is giving you before you take it. If it is a new medication, be sure to report any adverse effects.
    • Remind all healthcare workers as well as family/visitors to wash their hands before entering & leaving your room to help stop the spread of infection.
    • Be sure to discuss your discharge instructions with your doctors and nurses. Ask questions if your medications differ from the list you presented upon admission.

  • Identify a family member or loved one to speak on your behalf if you are unable.
    • They can help you keep track of your medication list, physician information and treatments.
    • They can remind you to ask your healthcare team members questions regarding your care.
    • They can alert your nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists if you need help right away.

Remember: the most important person involved in your care is YOU!

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