Jul 22, 2016
Thank you so much for being very kind
Thank you so much for being very kind to us while our father was in your care. We are so grateful that we had you all there with him before we arrived from out of state.

We had been worried about him and calling him daily for weeks, since he lived alone and far away. We planned this trip to check up on him. We are so glad we were there before he passed away so we could kiss him and tell him how much we loved him. You all made it better for us.

Ameliza, you were very kind and helped me (Gina) when I called and took my information and the important information regarding his health. I didn’t receive the same respect when calling the ER to provide this information and you made me feel better. Ameliza, thank you.

Humphrey, and the female doctor (sorry that I didn’t write your name down) that was present upon our arrival. You were both very concerned and asked us all the questions that should have been asked when making my (Gina) first call to the ER regarding his health issues. Humphrey and the doctor, thank you.

Mike, you were very compassionate and showed us empathy as well as some humor which was greatly appreciated because you knew we could handle and needed it. You read us well. We are also very happy with your resourceful recommendation for final arrangements. All went smoothly. Mike, thank you.

Dr. Kilburn, you were very concerned and gentle with the news of our father’s health but you were also very honest. Dr. Kilburn, thank you.

Dr. Al-Shammari, you were caring in regards to giving us the news along with Dr. Kilburn and diligent with helping us with the Advance Directive as well as the computer glitch fix in regards to the death certificate. Dr. Al-Shammari, thank you.

We appreciate all your efforts and thank you for the best bedside manner we have ever witnessed. UMC should be proud of such fantastic human beings.

Our father would have appreciated how you all treated us too and he always told people when he received the best. Therefore, we send this letter in his honor and wish you all the best in return.

Gina M. and Family
# # #
Danita Cohen
(702) 383-2000
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