Jan 08, 2016
Kindness touched our lives
Hi, my name is April. My daughter was brought to your hospital after being hit by a car in November. Tragically, she did not survive her injuries. My daughter, our family and I were treated with not only respect and dignity, but kindness. Unfortunately that last part is so frequently forgotten about in the medical field. My daughter was 16 when her life was cut short. She left behind two younger siblings.

You have a physician named Dr. Mark Dugan that rounded as her attending physician while there. I want you to know that he made our experience not only bearable but pleasant. This man hugged us, sat on the floor with us and cried with us. As I mentioned, my daughter has two younger siblings. He took the time to spend with them, one on one to explain to them in a way they could each understand. This was especially difficult, as she was an organ donor, so they were very confused by hearing she had passed but she was still there. He did an amazing job doing this. That gave them the closure they so desperately needed.

My daughter was a victim of a traumatic crime a few years ago and had an emotional support dog that was always with her. It may not seem like a big deal, but allowing her to visit for a short period of time brought us great comfort.

I’ll never be able to put into words how much Dr. Dugan’s kindness touched our lives, so I will close with this: I know in my heart Dr. Dugan is in the field of his calling and should serve as an example for other physicians to follow for years to come.

With sincere gratitude,

April L., RN
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Danita Cohen
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