Feb 25, 2014
UMC is a wonderful hospital
I was a patient in your hospital for a couple of days in early February of this year and I wish to compliment you and your staff for the excellent care that I was given while there in your hospital.

I had been choking on a piece of food that was stuck in my throat and after fourteen hours of not being able to swallow, my son and wife took me to the UMC Emergency Room. Once there, I was taken to OR where I was put under and a camera was inserted down my throat. Through this procedure something suspicious was discovered and a biopsy was taken. I was then admitted and taken to my room to await the results.

My medical team told me what they suspected it was and that I needed some blood transfusions which I then received. Later on there suspicions were confirmed and I was turned over to Dr. John Ellerton for treatment.

The point of this letter is to thank you and whoever hired the team of marvelous nurses from the Philippines, South America, Mexico, and America. Your nurses were the kindness, most concerned, and dedicated team that I have ever encountered in a facility as large as yours.

Again, thank you for these men and women. I am spreading the word that UMC is a wonderful hospital.

May God bless you all.
Jerry S.
# # #
Danita Cohen
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