Sep 03, 2013
It is not everyday you get your life saved

I was admitted to your facility a couple of months ago and I had no idea I was that sick and close to dying. The reason I did not know was do not only to my wife’s care but a nurse named Nathan, I do not have his last name. He was absolutely amazing with the care, but not over care, and help in bringing me back on my feet. Later I was moved up to the fifth floor where there was a nurse up there named Heidi who I am also forever grateful to.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Nathan and Heidi for their support and doing their job so amazingly well. The physicians were amazing also.

I so much want to at least say thank you to Nathan, and give him and Heidi a huge hug and say thank you. It is not everyday you get your life saved,by people who do not know you. Makes me tear every time I think about the kind of compassion those two have for their work.

Thank you again for taking the time with me.

Dave H.

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Danita Cohen
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