Jan 25, 2013
Professionalism, Compassion, Positive Attitude

I am presently residing on your oncology floor and have some comments; This is probably the best experience I’ve had in a hospital since I was wounded in Vietnam!

Needless to say, the diagnosis of cancer is a frightening thing. I have gone through anger at the disease, frustration, sorrow, guilt . . . all the emotions I would imagine the others on this floor experience. Your Nurses, Technicians, Transportation folks, Engineering and Housekeeping have all been outstanding. Each step of my journey here has been met with professionalism, but more importantly, compassion and some darn good advice about coping, prayer, maintaining positive attitude and generally making me feel more secure and at peace. I would not have expected such outward compassion from Housekeeping and Engineering, but they have become part of my fight to beat this disease.

The food is good. I know many folks complain about hospital food, but I am seeing fresh vegetables, well presented and tasty food, with good alternatives on the menu (presently I am on regular diet). The kitchen staff has come to my bedside to customize my meals, how can that be beat?

The Doctors (Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Tamayo) have been incredible in their care, including on Saturdays and Sundays. I am so happy having them and your entire staff in my court. It helps to encourage my fight. There has been no long waits with little results. The Doctors and staff have expedited my care, explained the procedures well and such. I feel your staff has included me in the solutions, as opposed to just doing their thing.

I am a very happy patient . . . . well happy as can be under the circumstances. Please pass this on to the County Board who oversees UMC, perhaps they could see that all is not so grim, notwithstanding the grand annual losses, the care is top notch, not to be outdone by any other hospital in the valley.

Gratefully Yours,

A UMC Patient

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Danita Cohen
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