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Staff was incredibly professional, friendly, and kind I am a retired Pathologist having practiced at UMC from 1975 thru 1999, I wanted to share with you and Donald Galloway, Director of Surgical Services, my experience at your Ambulatory Surgery Unit. I underwent procedures performed by Dr. Ammar. I would like you to know how impressed I was with your Ambulatory Center. You staff was incredibly professional, friendly, and kind. They were helpful, . . . 10/02/2015
Sincerest thanks for the care I am writing to extend my sincerest thanks for the care that my Dad received while at the University Medical Center. My Dad was brought to the ER via ambulance in August with massive bleeding in his head. We were notified back home and spoke with very knowledgeable and caring doctors and staff. He was subsequently transferred to the SICU where he passed away. I want to especially extend my . . . 09/28/2015
Appreciate his kind, caring, patience I am writing to thank Dr. Onyema and tell him how much I appreciate his kind, caring, patience, and warm personality. As an expert physician, who listen to so many impatient, complaining, and (I guess) suffering people; never losing his “cool,” but smiling through these long, trying days. I want to apologize for my attitude in his office. I realize I talked too much instead of listening as he . . . 09/21/2015
Tremendous care you provided I want to thank you and your staff for the tremendous care you provided my command member and his three friends following their plane crash in July. He is making a remarkable recovery which is a tribute to the attentive 24-hour care you afforded him and the multiple procedures conducted in those first days. We look forward to getting him back to full duty and operational in the coming . . . 09/04/2015
QuickCare was a positive experience I just want to say that our experience on August 07 at UMC Nellis QuickCare was a positive experience. Thanks a bunch to make it happen, to AR- Brian S. who's professional demeanor during our check-in to the QuickCare made us feel comfortable. And of course seen by Dr. Vu- attending doctor to us at the time: thorough and precise and very professional as well. Now when it comes to a caring . . . 08/14/2015
Great compassion and knowledge I am writing to thank you and say how grateful I am for the care I received at UMC from Ruby Baker, Benji Barker, Edwina Martinez, Evelyn Hartman and Yatsi Diaz. Your dedicated staff helped me in my recovery after heart surgery and demonstrated great compassion and knowledge towards me. I witnessed this with their other patients as well. You and your staff are truly doing God’s work. I . . . 08/12/2015
Wonderful and caring staff I cannot begin to show my appreciation for this wonderful and caring staff. I would like to especially address Cheryl and Zita. Not only were they stellar nurses with the highest standard of care, but they were emotionally calming as well. I needed a central line placed the day before my surgery, and I was an emotional train wreck. Cheryl was constantly reassuring me that everything was going . . . 08/07/2015
Capable facility and staff My father and I cannot thank your Dr. Douglas Fraser enough for the exemplary care that he has given to our son and the other young men with him. We could not have hoped for a better or more capable facility and staff for them to be admitted. He and the other doctors, and all of the nursing staff have been such a Godsend to all of us during this very frightening experience. We will certainly . . . 07/29/2015
Just wanted to say thank you... I was a patient in early July for a dog bite that I sustained while on duty. I just wanted to say thank you and to recognize Dineen McSwain for the visit she paid me and for the thoughtful gifts and well wishes. They were and are deeply appreciated. I am still in the process of follow up wound care with the burn/wound clinic, but I am hopeful they will have me stitched up and closed soon. It . . . 07/22/2015
Safety of our patients... I wanted to let you know of the quick actions that Child Life Specialist Kerri Crawford took recently which prevented what could have been a potentially dangerous situation. Kerri was informed by one of her numerous contacts in the community that there was a potentially unstable individual attempting to gain access to the Pediatric Unit at CHNV. Kerri who felt it better to be overly cautious when . . . 07/10/2015
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