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Dec 11, 2013
You Drink, You Drive, You Lose. A Visual Event to Help Prevent Drinking and Driving
So far this year, 43 people have died in Clark County from an alcohol related death. Nationwide, every 31 minutes, another person dies because of a careless decision to drink and then get behind the wheel. On average, drunk drivers will have driven impaired 80 times before they are arrested.

“Those 43 people who died this year would still be with us today if the person behind the wheel would have made better choices and considered the destructive consequences. I do not want another person in our community to become a statistic,” said Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly. “Those numbers show we need to do our part as community leaders to remind people to have a designated driver or call for a taxi, because driving after drinking is way too dangerous,”

Please join UMC and our community leaders for You Drink, You Drive, You Lose on Friday, December 13th, 2013 at 10:00 am, in front of UMC’s Trauma Center.

Anne Marie Ricci, a victim of 2013’s first drunk driving crash, will be speaking during the event to encourage drivers to make better choices because she knows the horrifying consequences after she was hurt and her boyfriend was killed. The couple was walking in their neighborhood when they were hit.

“Jesse did nothing wrong, we did nothing wrong. We had planned on getting engaged and married,” recalls Anne Marie.
For Anne Marie, and victims just like her, life will never be the same because of someone else‘s irresponsible decision.
“As a trauma surgeon, the hardest part of my job is to go out in our waiting area to tell a family member their loved one has died at the hands of a drunk driver,” said UMC’s Trauma Center Medical Center Dr. John Fildes.

Students and members of the media will be able to sit in the “seat belt convincer,” witness a roll-over simulation, and go “under the influence” using special goggles to learn just how little alcohol it takes to become impaired.

“By these students learning about the devastation of drinking and driving, we hope they will make responsible decisions and help our entire community to stay safe,” said UMC CEO Brian Brannman. “At UMC, it is our responsibility not only to take care of those who have been injured but to also do everything we can to prevent those injuries from happening in the first place.”

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