Institutional Review Board

CITI Training

One of the roles of the UMC IRB is to provide educational opportunities to assist all investigators and members of their research team, as well as, IRB Members and affiliated personnel with education specific to IRB. The educational purpose is to focus on topics, regulations and guidelines that are most pertinent to research relating to biomedical, drug, device, behavioral science, and clinical procedures to ensure awareness of the fundamental requirements, responsibilities and ethical and regulatory issues related to the conduct of human subject research by the above-noted categories of personnel.

The UMC IRB requires that investigators and their research team have either documented research experience on their CV, have completed the CITI course or have attended an IRB educational seminar and able to provide a certificate of completion.

The UMC IRB maintains a subscription to the web-based “CITI: The Protection of Human Research Subjects” sponsored by the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI).

To satisfy the education requirement, investigators and members of their research team must complete and pass one of the following series of CITI modules:

  • Biomedical Research Group
  • Social/Behavioral Research Group

All investigators and their research staff conducting studies at UMC that fall under the criteria for IRB review must complete one of the educational requirements documented above.

(CITI) Human Subjects Research Education Course Instructions

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