Patient Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities as a Patient at UMC

You Have the Responsibility...

  • to provide to the best of your knowledge, information regarding past illnesses, hospitalizations, medicine, and other matters relating to your health or well being.
  • to notify hospital personnel of significant changes in your condition which may not be obvious to staff.
  • to give full cooperation in your planned care.
  • to follow hospital rules affecting patient care and conduct.
  • to be considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel.
  • to notify the hospital of any desire to not have visitors or calls or the desire to be on NFP(not-for-publication) or a DND(do not disturb) status.
  • to provide accurate financial information and to be prompt about any questions you may have concerning your bill and its payment. You need to notify the hospital of address changes that occur after your admission.
  • to be open and honest with us about instructions you receive concerning your health. Let us know immediately if you do not understand them or if you feel that the instructions are such that you cannot follow them.
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