The State of Hawaii requires pre-travel COVID-19 testing to avoid the state’s 14-day traveler quarantine. Testing must be performed by a designated Trusted Testing Partner, such as UMC. 

To avoid the 14-day quarantine, Hawaii travelers must receive their tests 48 to 72 hours prior to their departure time.  Effective November 24, 2020, travelers who have not yet received their negative COVID-19 test results prior to departure for Hawaii will go into quarantine with no ability to come out of quarantine. Complete the form below to begin the scheduling process. Please ensure that you enter your email address correctly during the registration process to prevent any issues. 

Please complete the form below to begin the scheduling process. UMC will deliver a PDF copy of your official State of Hawaii test result reporting form through fast, secure email. When you register for your test, please include a valid email address where you wish to receive your results. This will serve as valid proof of testing, and it must be submitted to the State of Hawaii. Do not depart from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas prior to uploading your NEGATIVE COVID-19 test result to the State of Hawaii Safe Travels website.

Click here for information about how to submit your results and additional details about the Hawaii Safe Travels Program

If you wish to receive your results through other means, such as fax or hard copy, you can call UMC’s Health Information Management Department at 702-383-2255 during normal business hours to make arrangements. UMC will make every effort to accommodate your request as quickly as possible.

To expedite the registration process, please enter your name and date of birth exactly as they appear on your ID.

You must be 18 or older to register.

As a helpful reference for reading your test results:
Not Detected = Negative
Detected = Positive
UMC will contact you directly if your result is positive.

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Phone #: * Date of Birth: * MM/DD/YYYY

Please read the "Informed Consent for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing" document. Clicking this link will open the document in a separate browser tab.



Please read the "Authorization and Consent" document. Clicking this link will open the document in a separate browser tab.


To speak with a UMC representative, please call 702-383-1800. Our team is happy to offer scheduling assistance and support for UMConnect and the MyChart app.

To submit this form and continue the scheduling process, please click the "Schedule your COVID-19 Test"
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